LEGO 10597 Duplo Disney Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade Playset

Accessories include balloons, a candle and three gift-decorated bricks as story starters
Number bricks from 1 to 5 help children learn their age and promote early number recognition
Figures and accessories fire the imagination and encourage role play

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LEGO 10724 Juniors Batman and Superman Vs Lex Luthor Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes three mini figures: Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor
Features the Batcave, Batmobile, Lex Luthor’s robotic vehicle and a catapult
Batcave features a bat-disk shooter plus a catapult to help make Superman fly

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LEGO 10726 Juniors Stephanie’s Horse Carriage Construction Set

Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure plus Mocca the horse
Features Stephanie’s carriage and a stable
Carriage features rolling wheels and space in the back for a basket

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LEGO 10811 Duplo Town Backhoe Loader Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes a construction worker LEGO Duplo figure with a safety helmet
Features a buildable backhoe loader with two big shovels on posable working arms, plus extra bricks for scooping
Help your child construct, bend and flex the posable arm system for digging and scooping all day long

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LEGO 31049 Creator Twin Spin Helicopter Construction Set

Features working Twin Spin rotors, working winch, tinted cockpit, navigation lights, 2 engines, elevated rear landing gear and landing skis.
Also includes a tracked snowcat vehicle.
Check out the light-blue and white color scheme.

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LEGO 31052 Creator Vacation Getaways Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes two minifigures and a brick-built bear
Features a camper, trailer with a motorboat and two trees with grass and flowers
Camper features a white colour scheme with dark blue and red stripes, yellow striped fold out awning and a detailed interior including a toilet, fold up bed, kitchen, sofa, TV and luggage, plus roof storage for a foldaway barbecue and table with two foldaway chairs

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LEGO 41313 “Heartlake Summer Pool” Building Toy

Includes Andrea and Martina mini-doll figures.
Restroom features opening swing doors, toilet, sink and an opening locker.
Features a swimming pool, hot tub and day bed area, restroom and a lifeguard stand

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LEGO 41314 Stephanie’s House Set

Includes three mini-doll figures: Stephanie, dad James and mom Alicia, plus Chili the baby rabbit figure.
Upstairs features a bedroom with bed, desk and opening door to a curved balcony, a shower room with toilet, shower and basin, and an office with desk, swivel chair and a laptop.
Features a modular two-story house with a kitchen, porch, lounge, spiral staircase, bedroom, bathroom, office and a rabbit hutch.

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LEGO 42062 “Container Yard” Building Toy

Features an articulated truck with working steering, opening doors, detachable trailer and two loadable containers, plus a container loader with working steering and an extendable boom with working grabber.
Steer the articulated truck into position.
Truck features a blue and white color scheme.

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LEGO 60141 “Police Station” Building Toy

Includes seven minifigures: four police officers and three crooks, plus a police dog figure.
Helicopter features spinning rotors and an opening cockpit.
Features a three-section Police Station, police helicopter, police pursuit car, police motorbike and crooks’ truck.

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LEGO 75104 Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle – Multi-Coloured

Recreate fantastic scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Includes six minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: a Kylo Ren, General Hux, First Order Officer, two First Order Crews and a First Order Stormtrooper Officer
Features opening front, rear and bottom storage bays; wing-mounted, spring-loaded shooters and detachable weapon racks and amazing extending wing function

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LEGO 75153 Star Wars AT-ST Walker Building Set – Multi-Coloured

Features posable legs, wheel-activated turning top section, opening cockpit and top hatch, detailed mini figure interior, dual spring-loaded shooters and elevating front guns
Weapons include a blaster pistol, blaster rifle and Baze’s heavy blaster
Accessory elements include Baze’s backpack and the Rebel Trooper’s helmet

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