75104 Lego Kylo Ren’S Command Shuttle™ Star Wars Age ‘9-14 / 1005 Pcs / New 2015

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75106 Lego Imperial Assault Carrier™ Star Wars Age 9-14 / 1216 Pcs / New 2015

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Lego ‘Space Police Central’ 5985

Lego – Space Police Central – 5985
Keep the alien crooks locked up in Precinct 78 Station.
Includes 5 mini-figures: 2 Space Police Commandos, Jawson, Craniac and X99 robot.

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LEGO 31052 Creator Vacation Getaways Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes two minifigures and a brick-built bear
Features a camper, trailer with a motorboat and two trees with grass and flowers
Camper features a white colour scheme with dark blue and red stripes, yellow striped fold out awning and a detailed interior including a toilet, fold up bed, kitchen, sofa, TV and luggage, plus roof storage for a foldaway barbecue and table with two foldaway chairs

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LEGO 42044 Display Team Jet Action Figure Set

Features a high-tech, aerodynamic design with a large cockpit and a retractable undercarriage
Check out the yellow, black and white colour scheme with sporty black-and-white check red racing stickers
Lower the undercarriage and prepare for landing

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LEGO 42062 “Container Yard” Building Toy

Features an articulated truck with working steering, opening doors, detachable trailer and two loadable containers, plus a container loader with working steering and an extendable boom with working grabber.
Steer the articulated truck into position.
Truck features a blue and white color scheme.

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LEGO 66396 Star Wars 3 in 1 Super Pack Collection

target Gender: boy
up to 14 years 7 years: Age
The main production country: Denmark

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LEGO 70310 Nexo Knights Knighton Battle Blaster Playset

Includes two mini-figures: a Royal Soldier and an Ash Attacker
Knighton Battle Blaster features a double disc shooter, storage chest and two axes
Weapons include the Royal Soldier’s sword and the Ash Attacker’s crossbow

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LEGO 70315 “Clay’s rumble blade” Gun Toy

Includes 5 minifigures: Clay Moorington, 2 Claybots, an Ash Attacker and a Scurrier
Clay’s Rumble Blade features a detachable Sword Speeder vehicle, 2 Sword Break Bike vehicles and 2 flick missiles
Weapons include Clay’s Claymore sword, 2 Claybot swords, Ash Attacker’s chain-sword and Scurrier’s sword

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LEGO 70352 “Jestro’s Headquarters” Building Toy

Includes six minifigures: Jestro, Ava, Macy, Lance, a gargoyle and a Stone stomper.
Macy’s Underminer features a spinning drill, minifigure cockpit, and a weapon and shield holder.
Features Jestro’s Headquarters and Macy’s Underminer vehicle.

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LEGO 70594 Ninjago The Lighthouse Siege Building Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes seven minifigures: Nya and Jay in Skybound outfits, Echo Zane, Battle Clancee, Nadakhan, Battle Flintlocke, Sqiffy and Tai-D robot
The set includes a multi-story lighthouse and sky pirates’ jet
The lighthouse opens out for easy play and includes entrance steps with trap function, a hidden basement laboratory (with a lab table) and a prison, a collapsing floor function, hidden spring-loaded shooter

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LEGO 70603 Raid Zeppelin Action Figure Set

Includes 3 mini-figures: Zane, Doubloon and Clancee
The Raid Zeppelin airship features a spring-activated pirate cannon, two stud shooters, anchor-shaped fold-out wings, trapdoor function to drop a barrel of dynamite (or mini-figures), adjustable pirate flag and translucent fire elements
Zane’s flyer features handlebars, two adjustable hover blades and two elemental ice stud shooters

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