Edushape Edublocks Construction Toy – 26 pcs

Exclusively unique soft blocks, that are flexible and easy to stack
Durable, washable and non-toxic
26 colourful, interlocking blocks come in assorted shapes

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Edushape Edublocks Construction Toy – 50 pcs

50 unique, soft, flexible blocks that are easy to stack
Durable, washable and non-toxic
6 assorted block sizes

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Edushape Giant Foam Blocks Construction Toy – 16 pcs

16 giant, colourful, foam building blocks.
Lightweight yet durable blocks ensure safe play.
Blocks come in assorted shapes.

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Lego ‘Space Police Central’ 5985

Lego – Space Police Central – 5985
Keep the alien crooks locked up in Precinct 78 Station.
Includes 5 mini-figures: 2 Space Police Commandos, Jawson, Craniac and X99 robot.

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LEGO 21117 Minecraft The Ender Dragon Playset

This is a dayless dimension
Confront the mighty Ender Dragon that hovers above the regenerative Ender Crystals
Seek out the Endermen that dwell in the darkness

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LEGO 21122 Minecraft The Nether Fortress Playset

Includes three mini-figures with assorted weapons and accessories: Steve, Alex and a Zombie Pigman, plus a Blaze and a Ghast
Features a Nether portal with light-up effect, two brick-built glow-in-the-dark glow stone elements, Fireball-shooting function
Lava flow function, three brick-built portable fires, mushroom and Nether wart elements, two Nether quartz brick-built ores

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LEGO 21127 Minecraft The Fortress Building Set – Multi-Coloured

Features a Minecraft Fortress with large pressure-plate doors, lookout towers, decorative Creeper banners, barred windows, water and farm areas and a prison with door-opening function
Light the fires and torches to ward off the approaching skeleton army
Load up the cannons and defend The Fortress

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LEGO 21131 The Ice Spikes

Includes a Steve minifigure, plus a buildable spider, snow golem, snowman and baby cow
The Ice Spikes features tall ice columns and a library with an enchantment table, ladders and a shelter with a bed
Launch a surprise attack on the hostile spider with the snowman to snow golem pop-up function

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LEGO 31038 Creator Changing Seasons

Includes two mini-figures with assorted accessories: An adult and a child
Interior features a table, lamp, chair and a ladder
Exterior features two awnings, window boxes, a swimming pool with diving board and basketball hoop, barbecue with LEGO light brick, lawn, lawn mower, vegetable patch, lamp, tree, bird, chaise lounge, table and a mailbox with mail

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LEGO 31049 Creator Twin Spin Helicopter Construction Set

Features working Twin Spin rotors, working winch, tinted cockpit, navigation lights, 2 engines, elevated rear landing gear and landing skis.
Also includes a tracked snowcat vehicle.
Check out the light-blue and white color scheme.

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LEGO 41101 Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel

The single bedroom features a single bed, en-suite shower room, flat screen TV element and a sliding door to the balcony
Accessory elements include a bellboy trolley, suitcases, glasses, cakes, perfume bottles, tables, chairs, room keys, two fences, a flag and more
Build this gigantic hotel with all its features and accessories to create your own vacation stories; rearrange the hotel however you wish

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LEGO 41180 Elves Ragana’s Magic Shadow Castle Building Set

Includes Ragana, Naida and Aira mini-doll figures, plus Estari the baby Princess dragon and Jynx the evil cat
Features a three-story castle with opening door, trapdoor into the dungeon, tilting bridge, living room and fireplace on the ground floor and a bedroom and bed with a secret hiding place
Includes a treetop bed for Jynx, banners for the castle, vanity room with mirrors for Ragana and Jynx and beauty products

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