LEGO Technic: 4×4 Off-Roader (8466)

LEGO Technic: 4×4 Off-Roader (8466)

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LEGO UCS – 10179 Limited First Edition – Millennium Falcon

Limited first edition set includes certificate of authenticity
Over 5000 pieces makes it one of the largest retail LEGO sets ever made.

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LEGO UK 41318 “Heart lake Hospital” Construction Toy

Includes three mini-doll figures: Olivia in a nurse’s uniform, Henry and Dr. Patel, plus a new-born baby Ola figure
Features a 3-story, modular hospital, helicopter with stretcher, ambulance with wheeled stretcher, wheelchair, stroller, medical cart and a bicycle
Hospital features a waiting room with sliding doors, reception desk, seating area, vending machine, water cooler and an aquarium; an emergency entrance with swing doors; an x-ray suite with a revolving bed, scanner, light box and skeleton; a nursery with rocking crib, weighing scales and bathroom area with changing table; an examination room with bed, heart monitor and microscope; and a helipad

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LEGO UK 60154 “Bus Station” Construction Toy

Includes six minifigures: Two bus passengers, bus driver, newsstand worker, newsstand visitor and a wheelchair passenger, plus a dog figure
Features a city bus with opening side and front doors, bike rack for two bikes on the back and space inside for 4 minifigures including a wheelchair passenger
Also includes a bus stop with waiting area, bike stand, trash can and ramp for a wheelchair, plus a newsstand with an open shelf and space inside for a minifigure, as well as a buildable streetlight

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LEGO UK 60160 “Jungle Mobile Lab” Construction Toy

Includes four minifigures: Female explorer, male explorer, scientist and a mechanic, plus crocodile and spider figures
Features a Jungle Mobile Lab with opening side and roof and 2-minifigure cab, plus a kayak with paddle
Also includes a waterfall build with a slide function to reveal the crocodile, swinging vine, stairs to a temple with moving leaf to uncover hidden treasure element, plus a buildable Venus flytrap with opening ‘mouth’ and space for a spider figure

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LEGO UK 60161 “Jungle Exploration Site” Construction Toy

Includes seven minifigures: A pilot, two drivers and four scientist/explorers, plus leopard, crocodile, snake, frog and two spider figures
Features an amphibious helicopter with minifigure cockpit, winch, spinning rotors and pontoons, plus a heavy observation truck with an articulated crane arm, room for the kayak on top and motorcycle on the back and an amphibious vehicle with minifigure cockpit and storage compartments
Also includes a plane wreck build with opening cockpit and room for a box, a cave with leopard pounce function, a temple with boulder release and trapdoor functions, plus a buildable Venus flytrap with closing mouth

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LEGO UK 70914 “Bane Toxic Truck Attack” Construction Toy

Includes two minifigures: Batman and Mutant Leader, plus a Bane big figure
Bane’s 6×6 Toxic Truck features a minifigure cockpit, space for Bane, six big wheels with rear-four-wheel suspension, mounted adjustable six-stud rapid shooter with target-sighting element and a detachable translucent-green toxic tank element
Batman’s Whirly-Bat features a minifigure seat, rotating rotor, two adjustable Batwings and two wheels

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LEGO UK 75178 “Jakku Quad jumper” Construction Toy

Includes four minifigures: Rey, Finn, Unkar’s Thug and a First Order Storm trooper, plus a BB-8 figure
Features an opening 2-minifigure cockpit, front stud shooters, rear compartment with gunner station, detachable rear stud blaster and 4 big engines with explode function
Hit the button on top to send the engines flying

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LEGO UK 75186 “The Arrowhead” Construction Toy

Includes four minifigures: Zander, Kordi, Quarrie and a Storm trooper, plus a R0-GR figure
Features a lift-off cockpit canopy with space for 3 minifigures and R0-GR, a transparent opening dome with removable crystal power source element, 2 spring-loaded shooters and a flip-out battering ram
Also includes a service cart with tools and extra ammo

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LEGO UK 75532 “Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike” Construction Toy

Buildable and highly posable Scout Trooper figure features pouch and bag detailing, iconic helmet and a detachable, leg-mounted blaster pistol
Also includes a buildable speeder bike with spring-loaded shooter, handlebar and footrests to mount the Scout Trooper, movable flaps, detailed panels and a play/display handle
Move the limbs into any battle pose

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LEGO UK 76084 Marvel Superheroes Thor Construction Toy

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Enjoy imaginative play with this inspirational LEGO set.

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