LEGO 6176 DUPLO Basic Bricks

80 basic bricks in different sizes.
Includes bricks in red, green, yellow, blue, orange, light green, white and black.
For ages 18 months and over.

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LEGO 70322 Nexo Knights Axl Tower Carrier Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes four minifigures: Axl, two Axl Bots and an Ash Attacker, plus a buildable Burnzie big figure
Axl’s Tower Carrier features a rotating, detachable gun turret with wheels plus dual spring-loaded shooters and a disc shooter
Detach the turret to place the Book of Fear inside the storage vault, reveal the control room and unfold the catapult

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LEGO 70352 “Jestro’s Headquarters” Building Toy

Includes six minifigures: Jestro, Ava, Macy, Lance, a gargoyle and a Stone stomper.
Macy’s Underminer features a spinning drill, minifigure cockpit, and a weapon and shield holder.
Features Jestro’s Headquarters and Macy’s Underminer vehicle.

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LEGO 70594 Ninjago The Lighthouse Siege Building Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes seven minifigures: Nya and Jay in Skybound outfits, Echo Zane, Battle Clancee, Nadakhan, Battle Flintlocke, Sqiffy and Tai-D robot
The set includes a multi-story lighthouse and sky pirates’ jet
The lighthouse opens out for easy play and includes entrance steps with trap function, a hidden basement laboratory (with a lab table) and a prison, a collapsing floor function, hidden spring-loaded shooter

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LEGO 70626 “Dawn of Iron Doom” Building Toy

Includes six minifigures: Lloyd, Jay, Acronix, Krux, Commander Blunck and Master Wu.
Detach the giant blades from the back of Snake Mech and place them in its hands.
The Snake Mech features a dual minifigure cockpit, missile-shooting eye, posable head and arms, swishing tail, two big detachable blade weapons and spinning Time Portal with plug-in points for the four included translucent-colored Time Blades-Forward (green), Slow-Mo (blue), Pause (red) and Reversal (orange).

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LEGO 70909 Batman Batcave Break-in Building Toy

Includes four minifigures: Batman, The Penguin, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, plus two Hench-Penguin figures, each with robot-style hands.
Put the Bruce Wayne minifigure in one side of the transformation chamber and rotate to reveal the hidden Batman minifigure.
This action-packed set features a highly detailed Batcave, Batboat and The Penguin’s Duckmobile.

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LEGO 75140 Star Wars Resistance Troop Transporter – Multi-Coloured

Includes four minifigures: Princess Leia, Admiral Ackbar and two Resistance Troopers
Features opening top hatches and cockpit, a lowering ramp, space for four figures inside and dual spring-loaded shooters
Load the troops and transport them into battle

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LEGO 75145 Star Wars Eclipse Fighter Construction Set

Includes Naare and Dengar minifigures.
Features the Eclipse Fighter and a speeder.
Eclipse Fighter features an opening minifigure cockpit, Lightsaber storage underneath and a transform function that reveals hidden spring-loaded shooters.

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LEGO 75148 Star Wars Encounter on Jakku Construction Set

Includes Rey, Teedo and Unkar Plutt mini-figures, plus BB-8 and a Luggabeast
Market stall features tables, a safe and container with spare parts, hidden weapons, tarpaulin, various accessory elements and a foldout design for easy play access
Luggabeast features heavy Armor, a seat for a mini-figure and adjustable head and legs

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LEGO 75151 Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes five minifigures: Captain Rex, Commander Gregor, Commander Wolffe, Imperial Inquisitor Fifth Brother and a Stormtrooper
Features a rotating top-mounted gun with spring-loaded shooter and extra ammo, two cranes, four ladders, movable legs, opening cockpit with space for a minifigure, opening rear top section, opening rear access door with three clones and a built-in lifting handle
Rotate the gun and fire the spring-loaded shooter to send Fifth Brother and Stormtrooper running

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LEGO 75171 “Battle On Scarif” Building Toy

Includes four minifigures: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor and two Scarif Stormtroopers.
Sneak past the exploding floor panels.
Features a hidden weapons stash, exploding floor panels, sliding bunker doors with locking function, control panel, orange crate and the secret Death Star plans.

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