70134 LEGO Legends of Chima Lavertus’ Outland Base

Battle for LEGO┬« Legends of ChimaTM Lavertus’ Outland Base with guns, periscope, spider and lion vehicles, carnivorous plant and more
Lavertus’ Outland Base features opening gate, entry ramp, periscope, computer screen, Gatling gun, sentry guns, flick missile and workshop tools
Spider vehicle features flick missile, CHI-powered engine, tracked rear wheels, all-terrain tires, spider talon and fang detailing, and translucent elements

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LARGE Military Navy Aircraft Carrier Battle Ship Gift Set Compatible Bricks #113

LARGE Navy War Ship Aircraft Carrier
990+ pieces, all items are included as shown in the photo images
Box size: 60cm x 33cm x 8cm 3.4kg

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LEGO 10593 Duplo Town Fire Station

Help young children master basic building skills
Use this set to talk to your child about fire safety
LEGO Duplo products are specially designed to be fun and safe for younger hands

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LEGO 10599 Duplo Super Heroes Batman Adventure

Accessories include a cat and a decorated brick with the Batman logo as a scene setter
Little super hero fans will create endless role play scenarios with these iconic characters and their vehicles
The buildable bridge encourages early construction skills

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Lego 60025 City – Grand Prix Truck

315 pieces
Retired 2014
Includes 3 Minifigures

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Lego 60096 City – Deep sea Operation Base

907 pieces
Includes 5 Minifigures

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LEGO 70315 “Clay’s rumble blade” Gun Toy

Includes 5 minifigures: Clay Moorington, 2 Claybots, an Ash Attacker and a Scurrier
Clay’s Rumble Blade features a detachable Sword Speeder vehicle, 2 Sword Break Bike vehicles and 2 flick missiles
Weapons include Clay’s Claymore sword, 2 Claybot swords, Ash Attacker’s chain-sword and Scurrier’s sword

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LEGO Bricks & More 10659: Suitcase (Colour May Vary)

Features gas station, car, pump, sign, dog and assorted accessories
Fill up the car at the gas station.
Makes a great gift.

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LEGO Bricks & More 4635: Fun with Vehicles

Includes 2 minifigures
Features lots of wheels, a windshield, workshop tools and basic LEGO elements
Ages: 4+

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LEGO Chima 70220: Strainor’s Saber Cycle

Includes two minifigures: Strainor and Worriz
Strainor’s Saber Cycle features snapping jaws with giant saber teeth, huge translucent blue ice talons
Also includes a wall with hiding place for the CHI, flick missile and a split-function Saber Scout flyer and Frost Blader vehicle

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LEGO Chima King Crominus Rescue Building Set 70227

Cragger’s Fire Helicroctor features quick vehicle-pick-up-and-release function, spinning rotors with flame details
Laval’s Fire Tracker features cockpit, big wheels and tracks, 2 disc shooters and a lion head with opening jaws
Weapons includes Laval’s Fire Valious, Cragger’s Vengblaze, and Icepaw’s Icehaxlor with many more!

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LEGO City 4204: The Mine

Mine features train, train track, mine door, safe and working conveyer belt
Drill features spinning function
Crane features rotating cabin, moving arm and lowering shovel

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