LEGO City 4439: Heavy Lift Helicopter

Includes 3 minifigures: 2 pilots and a forest policeman
Vehicles include Heavy-Lift Helicopter and police ATV
Features large interior, opening cockpit, opening rear door, moving rotors and articulated wheels

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LEGO City 60004: Fire Station

Features Dalmatian dog, helicopter landing pad and a fire pole
2 retracting garage doors, 3 stories, signage,
2 garage bays, streetlight, trash can, furniture and more

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LEGO City 60008: Museum Break-In

Features opening rooftop window
Vehicles include Elite Police van, Elite Police helicopter and a burglar getaway van
Accessories include painting, blue diamond, sword, plate and a gold nugget element

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LEGO City 60016: Tanker Truck

Features retractable hose, valve and fire extinguisher
Gas pump features terminal and filler hose
Accessories include coffee cup and a ladder

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LEGO City 60035: Arctic Outpost

Includes 3 Arctic explorer minifigures with accessories
Truck features driver’s cabin, multiple lights, rotating crane, translucent blue windscreenpoints on sides of truck
Mobile laboratory features skis, steps, opening roof and side wall, computer screens, microscope

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LEGO City 60036: Arctic Base Camp

Includes 7 minifigures with assorted accessories: 4 Arctic explorers, pilot, scientist and a research assistant
Arctic Base Camp features a laboratory with opening walls and roof, microscope
Base Camp also features a radar, antenna and solar panels on the roof

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LEGO City Great Vehicles 60056: Tow Truck

Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories
Features Tow Truck with moving crane arm, working winch and grab function
Accessories include a wrench, broom and a coffee mug

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LEGO City Great Vehicles 60058: SUV with Watercraft

Drive to LEGO City beach and get ready for some watercraft fun
Race the watercraft and take the SUV off-road for added action
Features SUV with detachable trailer and 2 detachable watercraft

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LEGO City Police 60069: Swamp Police Station

Includes six minifigures with assorted accessories: two crooks and four police officers
Features a police station, 4×4 off-roader, police boat, crooks’ boat, off-road motorcycle, hideout and an alligator
Crooks’ boat features a chain with anchor

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LEGO DUPLO 10518 My First Construction Site

Includes 2 workmen LEGO DUPLO figures
Vehicles include DUPLO truck, crane and front loader
Raise the front loader bucket!

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LEGO DUPLO 10518: My First Construction Site

Features building, road sign, cone, small building plates and assorted DUPLO bricks
Vehicles include DUPLO truck, crane and front loader
Raise the front loader bucket.

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LEGO DUPLO 6136 My First Zoo

Includes LEGO DUPLO figures: zoo keeper, baby elephant, tiger, polar bear and giraffe
Features zoo keeper vehicle
Feed the cute baby animals

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