LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille 5601 Fire Station

Large, quick build fire station for instant role play
2 garages and drive through function
Fire vehicle with light and sound function

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LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille 5602 Police Station

Large quick build station with jail for instant role play
Police van with light and sound function
1 Police man,

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LEGO DUPLO LEGOVille 5603 Fire Chief

Iconic gift item for younger children
Cool chunky Quad bike
1 Fire Man with axe

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130-piece DUPLO community services set
Includes themed elements to help students create and build service structures, learn about different types of emergency vehicles and rescue services, and role-play exploring scenarios related to people in need
Supports a group of four students, age two years and older

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LEGO Friends 41032: First Aid Jungle Bike

Includes Emma mini-doll figure and a monkey
Features a First Aid Jungle Bike with detachable sidecar, cave, palm tree with branch and food compartment
Cave features a button to trigger the rockfall and a secret compartment to hide things in

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LEGO Hero Factory 2065: FURNO 2.0

Attention Furno! Code Red Emergency. The Fire Lords minions are attacking an off-world refuelling station. Scout ahead and find out whats really happening! Climb up high using your multi-tool and use your new headgear with thermo-vision goggles to see them … Read More

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LEGO Hero Factory 44003: Scarox

Includes highly durable and posable design with gold armour elements
Launch an attack with the striking blade function.
Attach the dark-green evil brain to make the transformation complete.

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LEGO Juniors 10671: Fire Emergency

Includes two firefighter minifigures
Features a fire station, fire truck and a trash can with fire elements
Easy to build set, designed especially for children aged 4-7 years

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LEGO Lights Torch

Figure size 19 cm tall
2 white LED lights
Posable arms and light angling legs

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LEGO Mini Figures Movie Edition (Series 12): Kritzelg Esicht Bad Cop

LEGO MINI FIGURES Movie Edition (Series 12): Kritzelg Esicht bad Cop
New without original packaging

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Lego Mixels Aquad

Launch skyward to fight fires with Aquad!
perfect bird’s eye perspective on any emergency
Aquad features an airplane design

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