Lego Mixels Hydro

Reach any Mixopolis fire emergency with Hydro!
No building is too tall for this firefighter
Rush to the rescue in a Mixopolis emergency

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Lego Mixels Skrubz

Multitask in the emergency room with Skrubz!
A rolling emergency room medical kit
Mixel is a key member of the Medix team

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Lego Mixels Splasho

Put out fires in Mixopolis
Take charge of fire emergencies
Splasho features a fire hydrant design

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Lego Spongebob 3832 Emergency Room

SpongeBob’s not just under the sea – he’s under the weather, too! Quick, load him into the ambulance-boat and drive him to the hospital. Good thing the doctor fish is there with all his medical equipment to help SpongeBob feel better…until the next emergency!
Ages 7 – 12 years
Contains 236 pieces

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LEGO SPONGEBOBS 3832: The Emergency Room

Limited edition SpongeBob Lego set
Take SpongeBob to the emergency room with Patrick
Examine him with the medical equipment

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LEGO Technic 8289: Firetruck

test 1
test 2
test 3

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LEGO UK 60163 “Coast Guard Starter Set” Construction Toy

Includes three minifigures: A lifeguard, surfer and an ATV driver, plus a shark figure
Features a beach buggy with opening roll cage, detachable 2-minifigure surfboard on top and space for two minifigures
Also includes a beach tower with stairs and viewing platform

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LEGO UK 60164 “Sea Rescue Plane” Construction Toy

Includes two minifigures: A rescue plane pilot and a sailor
Features a rescue plane with spinning rotors, pontoons, opening minifigure cockpit, back ramp that lowers with space inside the plane for the included 2-minifigure rescue water scooter
Also includes a rescue raft with space for a minifigure

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LEGO UK 60165 “4 x 4 Response Unit” Construction Toy

Includes three minifigures: a captain/driver, female coast guard member and a diver, plus an octopus figure
Features a 4×4 truck with minifigure cab, radio antenna, opening rear compartment for tools and gear and a detachable trailer for the rescue craft with a toolbox, 2 radio antennas and drop-down engines with spinning propellers
Also includes a small diver’s dinghy with engine and a buildable buoy

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LEGO UK 60166 “Heavy Duty Rescue Helicopter” Construction Toy

Includes four minifigures: One female and two male coast guard members, a kayaker, plus a shark figure
Features a helicopter with spinning rotors, sliding doors on both sides, opening ramp at the back with space for the included water scooter, opening 2-minifigure cockpit, rotating crane arm with winch operated by a handle on the side
Also includes a lighthouse and shipwreck, plus a kayak

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