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LEGO 10524 Duplo Ville Farm Tractor Playset

Deliver the food to the hungry cow with the tractor and trailer
Raise the tipping trailer to offload food and keep the cow happy
If the tractor breaks down, quickly fix it with the oil and wrench

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LEGO 10572 Duplo Creative Play All-in-One-Box-of-Fun – Multi-Coloured

Includes a boy LEGO Duplo figure
Features a wagon base, two window elements, a dog, numbered bricks and a wide selection of other Duplo bricks
Match the numbered bricks with the corresponding decorated bricks

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LEGO 10573 Duplo Creative Animals – Multi-Coloured

Build five cute animals then create your very own
Use the inspiration cards for fun building ideas
Features giraffe, dog, bunny, worm, elephant

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LEGO 10597 Duplo Disney Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade Playset

Accessories include balloons, a candle and three gift-decorated bricks as story starters
Number bricks from 1 to 5 help children learn their age and promote early number recognition
Figures and accessories fire the imagination and encourage role play

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LEGO 10687 Juniors Spider-Man Hideout-Parent

Helicopter features a turning rotor, opening cockpit window and a trunk
Accessories include Spider-Man’s web and string, Green Goblin’s pumpkin shooter, traffic lights and newspaper stacks to shoot at
Quick start elements get the play started sooner

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LEGO 10724 Juniors Batman and Superman Vs Lex Luthor Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes three mini figures: Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor
Features the Batcave, Batmobile, Lex Luthor’s robotic vehicle and a catapult
Batcave features a bat-disk shooter plus a catapult to help make Superman fly

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LEGO 10726 Juniors Stephanie’s Horse Carriage Construction Set

Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure plus Mocca the horse
Features Stephanie’s carriage and a stable
Carriage features rolling wheels and space in the back for a basket

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LEGO 10727 Juniors Emma’s Ice Cream Truck Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes Andrea and Emma mini-doll figures, plus a puppy.
Features an ice cream truck with open roof and side, room for a mini-doll to stand or sit, cash register, toppings bottles, ice cream cone holder and a freezer.
Accessory elements include ice cream and cones, ice pops, basket, ice cream sign and display, camera, handbag, sunglasses and banknotes.

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LEGO 10801 Duplo Town Baby Animals – Multi-Colour

Features a buildable caterpillar with extra bricks that can be added to create a butterfly
Help your child master basic building skills with this simple model
Designed to be safe and suitable for small hands

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LEGO 10811 Duplo Town Backhoe Loader Construction Set – Multi-Coloured

Includes a construction worker LEGO Duplo figure with a safety helmet
Features a buildable backhoe loader with two big shovels on posable working arms, plus extra bricks for scooping
Help your child construct, bend and flex the posable arm system for digging and scooping all day long

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LEGO 10814 DUPLO Town Tow Truck Mixed

Includes 2 LEGO DUPLO figures: a mom and child, plus a horse
Features a buildable car and horse trailer with opening top as well as a practice jump with a bar that can be knocked off
Lead the horse into the trailer and make sure the top is securely closed before driving off

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