LEGO 60079 City Space Port Training Jet Transporter

Practice landings and aerial manoeuvres until you’re ready to pilot a space shuttle
Includes three minifigures with assorted accessories: a driver, pilot and a service person
Box (HxWxD): 26.2 x 38.2 x 7.05 cm

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LEGO 60116 City Great Vehicles Ambulance Plane Set

Includes three mini-figures: A pilot, doctor and a motorcyclist
Ambulance Plane features rotating propellers and a back hatch that opens to load the stretcher
Open the hatch, spin the rotors and fly the rider off for treatment

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LEGO 70310 Nexo Knights Knighton Battle Blaster Playset

Includes two mini-figures: a Royal Soldier and an Ash Attacker
Knighton Battle Blaster features a double disc shooter, storage chest and two axes
Weapons include the Royal Soldier’s sword and the Ash Attacker’s crossbow

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LEGO 70603 Raid Zeppelin Action Figure Set

Includes 3 mini-figures: Zane, Doubloon and Clancee
The Raid Zeppelin airship features a spring-activated pirate cannon, two stud shooters, anchor-shaped fold-out wings, trapdoor function to drop a barrel of dynamite (or mini-figures), adjustable pirate flag and translucent fire elements
Zane’s flyer features handlebars, two adjustable hover blades and two elemental ice stud shooters

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LEGO 70735 Ninjago Ronin REX

Includes 4 minifigures with assorted weapon elements: Kai, Ronin, Scythe Master Ghoultar and Ghost Ninja Attila
Also includes a Skreemer (attachable to minifigures) with sai and chicken drumstick elements
Attila minifigure features transparent ghost legs and ghost armor

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LEGO 75075 Star Wars AT-AT Driver Mini-Figure Set

Includes an AT-AT Driver minifigure with a blaster pistol
Features realistic detailing, posable head and legs, two flick missiles and a mini cockpit for the AT-AT Driver minifigure to sit in
Move into position and fire the flick missiles

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LEGO 76049 Super Heroes Avenjet Space Mission Set

Includes four mini-figures: Captain Marvel, Space Iron Man, Space Captain America and Hyperion, plus a Thanos big figure
The 2-in-1 Avenjet features an opening main cockpit, four flick missiles, opening hatch and a detachable mini-jet with an opening cockpit and two stud shooters
Stop Thanos invading planet Earth with the 2-in-1 Avenjet

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LEGO 76080 “Ayesha’s Revenge” Building set

Includes three mini figures: Yondu, Star-Lord and Ayesha, plus a Groot figure with Ravager decoration.
Features a Laser Drill spaceship with a spring-loaded missile, sliding mini figure cockpit and opening side panels.
Unfold the Golden Drone’s adjustable arms to transform it from ultra-speed mode to battle mode.

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LEGO Alien Conquest 7065: Alien Mothership

Includes 2 minifigures: reporter and alien commander
Large UFO has real spinning outer disks and eerie UFO sound brick
UFO comes equipped with abducting claw to lift and carry minifigures

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LEGO City 3367: Space Shuttle

Includes astronaut minifigure in spacesuit
Ages: 5-12

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LEGO City Space Port 30315 Space Utility Vehicle polybag

LEGO City Space Port 30315 Space Utility Vehicle polybag.
38 Pieces.

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