LEGO Creator 6741: Mini Jet

Three models in 1 building experience
Includes instructions to build into a mini jet, spaceship or a speedboat model
Sturdy canister makes storage easy

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LEGO DUPLO Miles 10824: Miles’ Space Adventures Mixed

Includes a LEGO DUPLO figure: Miles plus Blodger Blopp
Features a playground slide, space crater brick and a buildable discovery rover with engine and turning radar
Take the discovery radar to find a playground slide with Disney Miles from Tomorrowland and his alien friend Blodger Blopp

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LEGO Duplo Miles’ Stellosphere Hangar 10826

Includes a LEGO® DUPLO® figure: Miles plus Merc.
Prepare Miles’ amazing spaceship for takeoff.
Create your own space stories with these lovable Disney characters.

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LEGO Mars Mission 7646: ETX Alien Infiltrator

Open the mining robot to put an astronaut at the controls
Convert the attack ship into a combat walker, attack ship measures 13 long; when in combat walker mode it’s over 8 tall
Mining robot has a drill, tools and measures 4 (10cm) tall

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LEGO Mars Mission 7647: MX-41 Switch Fighter

Transforming human spaceship with shooting function
Alien spaceship with claw to steal energy crystals
1 human minifigure

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76080 Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Ayesha’s Revenge

LEGO Super Heroes
Material Plastic
Guardians of the Galaxy

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Includes 6 minifigures: Thor, Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, Hela, 2 Berserkers, plus a buildable Fenris wolf figure.
The Commodore spaceship features an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 dual stud shooters, opening storage compartment and a minifigure-drop function.
The Fenris wolf has a buildable head with glow-in-the-dark eye elements, minifigure seat and posable joints.

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Lego Master Builder Academy Space Designer MBA Kit 1 20200

Includes 84-page Designer Handbook that teaches 2 LEGO Master Builder techniques and includes annotated instructions for building 3 different spaceship models, one at time.
Includes exclusive LEGO® MBA Level 1 Minifigure, a brick separator, and a brick storage box with sorting tray.
Minifigure accessories include a helmet with goggles, and a buildable jetpack.

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LEGO Movie 70816 Benny’S Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship! Building Set

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Item cannot be shipped outside the USA

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LEGO Star Wars 7778: Midi-scale Millennium Falcon

Celebrate 10 years of LEGO Star Wars with this special edition midi-scale Millennium Falcon
Functions include rotating guns on top and bottom, rotating radar disc.

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LEGO Star Wars 8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser

1170 pieces
Includes 5 Minifigures – Chancellor Palpatine / Senate Commando x 2 / Clone Gunner / Clone Pilot
Retired in 2011

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