LEGO 4204 City The Mine mine, drill, truck and crane by Lgp

Includes 4 minifigures: crew chief, crane driver, driller and truck driver.;Features mine, drill, truck and crane.;Crane features rotating cabin, moving arm and lowering shovel.;Truck features articulated cab.

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LEGO 42043 Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 Truck – Multi-Coloured

Includes LEGO power functions large motor and an advanced pneumatic system for an array of motorized features
Including extendable outriggers, automated crane arm and grabber
Two suspended front axles with twin axle steering, two suspended rear axles with double wheels

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LEGO 42053 Technic Volvo EW160E Building Set – Multi-Coloured

Features an extendable boom and working bucket powered by an advanced pneumatic system
Array of manual functions including a height-adjustable cab, rotating superstructure, rear-controlled front steering, working front blade and extendable outriggers
Cab features a interior with seat, armrests, sun visor and adjustable mirrors

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LEGO 4Juniors 4654: Tanker Truck

4 Juniors

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Lego 5563 Model Team Racing Truck

Lego Model Team Set 5563
Racing Truck
Brand New in Sealed Box

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Lego 5571 Giant Truck

1996 Model Team Giant Truck
1757 Pieces

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LEGO 60080 City Space Port

Mobile Launchpad features driver’s cab and a beacon, accessories include two helmets, mug and a wrench, eject the external fuel tank and boosters
Place the satellite into orbit, space shuttle measures over 4 inch (12 cm) high, 10 inch (27 cm) long, and 7 inch (19 cm) wide
External fuel tank measures over 1 inch (4 cm) high, 11 inch (28 cm) long and 1 inch (4 cm) wide

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LEGO 60085 City Great Vehicles Set, 4 x 4 with Powerboat

Includes two powerboat driver mini-figures with assorted accessories
Features a pickup truck, trailer and a powerboat
Accessories include a crash helmet, mug, life vest, binoculars and an adjustable wrench

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LEGO 60097 City Town Square – Multi-Coloured

Includes 12 minifigures with assorted accessories: a tram driver, helicopter pilot, coffee bar saleswoman, pizza deliveryman, car saleswoman, mechanic, tow truck driver, hotdog salesman, two LEGO sales personnel, a girl and a boy
Features a tram, LEGO Store, LEGO delivery truck, helicopter, car dealership, three cars, tow truck, bike, pizza delivery scooter, tram stop, coffee shop, hotdog stand and a newsstand
Car dealership features two showrooms with sliding, transparent doors, four alloy wheels and a service centre with functioning car lift

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LEGO 60100 City Airport Starter Construction Set

Includes six minifigures: Male and female jet pilots, male and female stunt pilots, a mechanic and an airport worker
Features a hangar big enough to hold a plane, a gasoline barrel with roll-out hose, old-fashioned plane with turning propeller and two jets with opening cockpits
Also includes an airport service car and tool wagon

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LEGO 60162 City Jungle Air Drop Helicopter

This LEGO City Jungle Air Drop Helicopter 60162 Set has 7 mini figures. Get this set and add riverboat captain, helicopter pilot, 3 explorers and 2 base camp workers, plus tiger, crocodile and 2 spider figures to your LEGO City … Read More

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LEGO 75092 Star Wars Naboo Starfighter

As seen in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace
Jump into the Naboo Starfighter and blast the droids
Features a Naboo Starfighter with rotating stand, access ladder, fuelling station, two Destroyer Droids, spring-loaded shooters and R2-D2 eject function

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