LEGO City 7285: Police Dog Unit

Includes police officer minifigure and police dog
Police dog transporter features handcuffs and walkie-talkie
Open rear compartment for the dog!

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LEGO City 7286: Prisoner Transport

Includes 2 minifigures: police officer and robber
Features include motorcycle, road block, money sack and money brick
Open the back doors to put the robber inside

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LEGO City 7498: Police Station

Includes 6 minifigures: 4 police officers, 2 robbers and police dog
Features 3 vehicles: police car, prisoner transport van and bicycle
Accessories include handcuffs, crowbar and “wanted” poster

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LEGO City 7686 Helicopter Transporter

Includes 3 minifigures and accessories!
Loaded with action play! Build the helicopter, transporter truck and motorcycle!
Lift the hood of the truck, spin the helicopter propeller and store tools in the various tool compartments!

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LEGO City 7991: Garbage Truck

206 pieces
Keep LEGO City clean!
Container detaches from the cab

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LEGO City 7997:Train Station

Includes 4 RC track pieces and 5 minifigures!
387 pieces
Ages 5 – 12 years

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LEGO City Cargo Train 60052

Cattle wagon features cow, trough, bales of straw, bucket of milk and a strong fence with 2 gates.
Fuel wagon features a fuel tank with chain, pallet with wheelbarrow and a forklift, and cable drum wagon features 2 large cable drums in holders and a lifting chain.
Cargo train station features an office with computer and cup, sack barrow, trash bin and a fire extinguisher.

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LEGO City Prisoner Transport (7286)

Includes police and robber minifigures
Open the back doors to put the robber inside
Motorcycle and road block

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LEGO City Set #8404 Public Transport (japan import)

Ages 4+
Includes Vehicles Set, Space and Airport Set, Wheels Set, Community Minifigure Set, Harbor Set

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LEGO Creator 4997: Transport Ferry

LEGO Creator 4997: Transport Ferry

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LEGO Creator 5765: Transport Truck

No load is too heavy for this powerful transport truck with articulated trailer – not even a helicopter! It also rebuilds into a second transport truck with boat or a road rescue truck. • Features articulated trailer and helicopter with … Read More

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